Continuing Education

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Continuing Education

CEU and CME workshops include credit hours of 2 to 7 hour workshops

Variety of Workshops offered including:

  • Unlocking the Mysteries and Lies of Grief

  • Family Dynamics and Grief

  • Dissecting Loss

  • Grief Theory and the Experts

  • Pull Your Own Wagon (focus on children)

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Sherry is consistently given high marks for demonstrating expertise, organization and effectiveness in her presentation.

The following testimonials from CME and CEU workshops are on file: 

  • Sherry Russell is very knowledgeable, professional and empathetic – energetic and dynamic.

  • Sherry is an expert in her field.

  • I appreciate Sherry providing us with bibliographic outline(s)/resource(s) for further reading/reflection!

  • She was an excellent speaker.

  • Beneficial!  Thank you! 

  • Very good speaker!  I learned a lot of new information about grief.

  • Good speaker with good humor.  Good handouts.

  • Excellent – knowledgeable – practical – interesting speaker.

  • Speaker very informative, information presented in organized, interesting way.

  • Sherry has the ability to keep members of the targeted audience interested in subject matter.  Thanks. 

  • Good material.

  • What an excellent program and speaker!

  • Thank you.  A lot of info.

  • Interesting and enjoyable.

  • Good rhythm and diverse presentation of material.

  • I feel Sherry did a very good job.  She did an excellent job of explaining different situations.

  • Blessings to you for coming to share with us.  You might enjoy looking into how logotherapy fits into griefwork.

  • Talking about your experience helped to make the points more understanding.

  • Thank you.

  • I loved this presentation and want to get Sherry’s book!  You should have brought them!  I want my son to read it   - his father died and he would benefit from it as I have from this.  But I want the book for me and others.

  • Excellent speaker.

  • Speaker gave excellent answers to questions presented to her!

  • Sherry has a very good program, very interesting.  Appreciate the differences in men/women crisis management.

  • Excellent presentation.  Many ideas were applicable to issues more than grief and loss.

  • Excellent conference!

  • Presented with clarity, easily understood, coherent. Useful, practical information for therapists.

  • Well done - Sherry knows her subject and is able to communicate her passion about this subject very well!

About Sherry

Sherry Russell has worked in Grief Management for over twenty years. She is Board Certified in Bereavement Trauma and Critical Incident Stress Management. She originated of a series of educational GriefWorkshops©  which are currently being utilized in Funeral Home Aftercare Programs and in Community Outreach Programs. She is the founder of Catch A Falling Life™ and Pull Your Own Wagon™. Catch A Falling Life is a think tank of educational resources for businesses as well as resources for those in pain from all types of loss including divorce, disease, self-esteem, and the multi layered loss of a loved one. Pull Your Own Wagon offers an innovative interactive series of Workshops and educational material for children.

Sherry is an accomplished writer, speaker and researcher. Her five-star grief book, Conquering the Mysteries and Lies of Grief, is being utilized in college classrooms in the US and abroad. She has been acknowledged for her ability to touch the human heart while helping those in need dissect their grief. Her inspirational and self-help articles have been published in magazines and e-zines.

Sherry is a presenter for CEU's (continuing education units) for licensed mental health workers, psychologists, and social workers.


  • Conquering the Mysteries and Lies of Grief

  • Surviving Cancer Workbook

Recent Publications:

  • Grief and Sexual Abuse

  • Grief and Divorce

  • Grief and First on the Scene

  • Coping with Natural Disasters

  • Hurricane Anxiety

  • An Empty Place at the Table

  • Loss of Self-Respect

  • Loss of a Dream

  • The Psychological Autopsy

  • Tsunami - A Word I Won't Soon Forget

  • Sinking Memories-Sinking Hearts

Recent Workshops, Presentations and Educational Seminars:

  • 28th Annual Sharing Our Best Conference State Developmental Center (provided workshop for CEU's)

  • Hospice 8th Annual Conference (provided a 7 hour workshop for 7 CME hours)

  • Women's Heal Me National Conference

  • Writer's Workshop (Regional)

  • Hospice (Local, Regional, National)

  • Veterans Administration

  • GriefWorkshops

  • East Tennessee State University

  • AARP

Speaker & Author Sherry Russell


Conquering the Mysteries and Lies of Grief

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Continuing Education

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